Matthew Rosewarne on 19 Oct 2008 12:37:15 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] KDE 4.1.2 Verdict

On Sunday 19 October 2008, Casey Bralla wrote:
> 1.  The system is still buggy.  When I activated the composing features, I
> was left with a screen that was almost completely black, with a very faint
> mouse pointer.  I had to Ctrl-Alt-BS to kill X, then manually delete some
> entries in the ./kde4 config file.  I also had trouble setting the screen
> resolution. I often had a "scrolling screen" because the virtual size did
> not match the physical size.

This is unfortunately a problem with compositing in X, which uses a fairly 
crude method to get fancy effects.  Seeing as you have an nvidia card, it's 
probably caused by quirks in the proprietary driver.  You should have some 
luck finding the solution online; I'd check gentoo's site first.

> 2.  I was not able to move things around on the "Panel".  The "K" menu
> somehow got moved out of location, and nothing I could do could relocate it
> back to its proper location in the bottom left corner.   Likewise, the size
> of the panel is not adjustable.   I like to be able to make it bigger than
> normal, but could find no setting for this.

Not being able to move things on the panel, other than removing/readding them, 
is a pain.  The panel should be adjustable though; click the cashew-like thing 
on the right side and the panel menu will show up.  If there is no cashew 
thing, right click somewhere on the panel and click "Unlock Widgets".

> 3.  The look and feel were terrible!   Admittedly, this is probably
> something I just needed to get used to, but with the other problems I had,
> I wasn't willing to devote the time.   The "black" plasma theme was
> probably the ugliest thing I've ever seen (OK, that's probably easy to
> fix).

I personally am not the biggest fan of the Oxygen theme.  I rather liked 
Plastik, which is still an option.  As for plasma, I don't mind the black 
theme at all, though it's probably not something I would have thought of 

> So I'm back to 3.5.x.   Unfortunately, changing to 4.1.2 completely wiped
> out all my 3.5.x menus, so I have to completely rebuild them.  Even the
> customizations I added to my konqueror toolbar are mystery gone now.
> <aaarrgggh!>

I'm not sure what Gentoo does, but Debian puts KDE 4 files in ~/.kde4.  It's 
not a good idea to use an existing ~/.kde from KDE 3.

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