James Barrett on 30 Oct 2008 03:05:19 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] searching through kernel features

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 7:42 PM, sean finney <seanius@seanius.net> wrote:
> i'm surprised no one has suggested the obvious: check the vcs?
> i.e.
> - do a git clone of the kernel repo
> - use grep to find your config option (usually in a Kconfig file somewhere)
> - use something like "git log -p" on that file to find the revision that
>  introduced it.

Great!  That will work too! :)  I haven't tried that yet, but doing
that would have been simpler than what I did.  Actually, someone in
the IRC channel did suggest checking Git, but another person countered
by mentioning that the git logs only go back to a certain date.

The gears in my head are a teeny bit rusty and slow to turn, as I have
not worked on any little projects in a while.  There seems to be a
small need for something like this, but no real common and central
solution.  Aside from kernel options and their insertion points, what
other kinds of kernel information are people trying to find?

I'm up for starting a small project, maybe it will fly, but it might
just sink - at least I'd have started it.  How about a web-accessible
kernel directory?

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