jeff on 8 Nov 2008 18:35:36 -0800

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[PLUG] AdjustmentProof X

jeff wrote:
> Art Alexion wrote:
>> I have also tried SHMConfig "on".
> I'm working on this as I type.
> It's on a Dell E4300.  The things I would like to do to Dell cannot be

Here's my report:
before I do something bad to the people at Dell, I'm going after
whoever's responsible for this $*#@ing nightmare.

Some of the solutions mentioned that this particular pad was an ALPS.
There are patches but the latest kernel has support, plus it can use the
Synaptics driver.

I checked the settings on a different laptop and they were the same
(although the pad is no doubt different).

Not only did every single suggestion fail miserably, I now have a
display that appears to only show 3/4 of its surface.  It's like the
picture shrunk.  This starts at bootup - it's not even related to OS.
When I bring up the BIOS, it's messed up too.

This is likely to be the first airborne E4300 in the history of computing.

if it's this hard to set up, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG.  I believe Mr.
Alexion will attest to this.

Now I have to go find the pets, who are probably cowering under the
furniture with my wife.

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