Gordon Dexter on 13 Nov 2008 18:43:21 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Color Laser multi-function for Linux

JP Vossen wrote:
> We've talked about printers on the list before and even recently, but 
> we've focused more on the low-end ones.  I need 2 color laser 
> printer/scanner/copier(/fax?) devices that can do all of that via 
> Ethernet to Linux (and some WinXP2 in VMware VMs).  A duplexer would be 
> nice, but isn't required.
> Less is better for price, but realistically, $600-800 will probably fly.
> I'm a die-hard HP fan (I still have a working LaserJet4 circa 1992), but 
> everyone's been saying good things about Brother's Linux support, so I 
> was checking into them.
> This one looks perfect:
> http://www.brother-usa.com/mfc/modeldetail.aspx?PRODUCTID=MFC9440CN
> 	Printer Driver Compatibility†   	Windows® & Mac OS® [1,2]
> 	Power Consumption - Sleep/Standby/Peak  28W/95W/495W
> 	Energy Star Compliant 			No
> That sleep power consumption seems high, and lack of Energy Star is a minus.
> [1] "Fine print" for MFC-9440CN
> http://www.brother-usa.com/mfc/ModelDisclaimer.aspx?Model=MFC9440CN#SysReqs
> [2] OTOH, I found Linux drivers for that unit here:
> http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/download_prn.html#MFC-9440CN
> http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/download_scn.html#brscan2
> Anyone using that unit or similar?  Thoughts or suggestions?
I've been using the HL-4040cn, which I've heard has the same print 
engine.  I've been extremely happy with it in terms of linux support.  I 
just downloaded a few .deb files from the website and installed them.  
AppArmor causes minor issue with the driver in Ubuntu 8.04 and later, 
but it's easy to just set it to "complain" mode and works perfectly 
after that.  No problems with drivers for Win32 or OSX.  Since my model 
doesn't have the scanner I can't say anything about those drivers, though.

According to my kill-a-watt the 4040 uses 15 watts in sleep mode.  If 
you add a scanner and fax 28 watts is probably pretty accurate.  I 
suppose that could be better but it could also be worse.  My office has 
a Lexmark C912 that is just a monster.

As for HP I've found that they've stagnated a bit, and aren't terribly 
price competitive any more.  I got mine on sale for under $300, and 
toner is cheaper as well.  It doesn't always pay to go with the safe choice.

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