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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu 8.04 --> 8.10 upgrade

JP Vossen wrote:
> I did an an Ubuntu 8.04 --> 8.10 upgrade over last weekend and I thought 
> I might report some issues I had to work around.  Overall it went really 
> well.

I did three recently.  Two out of three got interrupted and caused
horrible issues but I managed to convince them to restart.  Bizarre
coincidences seem to be the norm here.

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Finally, if anyone has gotten this far, this is on the Dell D630 I've 

we use them as a standard.  Decent laptop, as was the 620.  I like the
820's larger screen.

> been using for presentations lately.  One of the problems is that the 
> NVidia binary blob driver is,

I had ATI issues, brother.
Never again.

> If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

There is no problem too large or small that cannot be solved with C-4.

I was thinking of making it into chewing gum but I don't know how to do
much more than SPELL it.

... Dammit - where's my left-handed piano?
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