JP Vossen on 13 Nov 2008 17:51:41 -0800

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[PLUG] Color Laser multi-function for Linux

We've talked about printers on the list before and even recently, but 
we've focused more on the low-end ones.  I need 2 color laser 
printer/scanner/copier(/fax?) devices that can do all of that via 
Ethernet to Linux (and some WinXP2 in VMware VMs).  A duplexer would be 
nice, but isn't required.

Less is better for price, but realistically, $600-800 will probably fly.

I'm a die-hard HP fan (I still have a working LaserJet4 circa 1992), but 
everyone's been saying good things about Brother's Linux support, so I 
was checking into them.

This one looks perfect:
	Printer Driver Compatibility†   	Windows® & Mac OS® [1,2]
	Power Consumption - Sleep/Standby/Peak  28W/95W/495W
	Energy Star Compliant 			No

That sleep power consumption seems high, and lack of Energy Star is a minus.

[1] "Fine print" for MFC-9440CN

[2] OTOH, I found Linux drivers for that unit here:

Anyone using that unit or similar?  Thoughts or suggestions?

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