jeff on 20 Nov 2008 15:05:46 -0800

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[PLUG] Thunderbird [extreme] Weirdness

I thought some of my brain cells were leaking out of my ears for a while
because of this.  Now that I have taken a closer look, my brain cells
may still be leaking, but this is not the cause of it.

Two Xubuntus, both were 8.04 then upgraded to 8.10, happened on both.
Receive message.  Read message.  Go to a different folder.  Come back to
inbox and the message isn't there.

You can imagine that this caused a problem the first few times.  I
noticed it on one sender but it just happened to a second one.  If I do
a search on the inbox, I can locate the messages.

When I open them, there's no text.  If I reply, the complete text is quoted.

How weird is that?
(yes, I'm going to locate the Thunderbird folks and ask there too)

Look, Ma - no (intentional) jokes!

... Heaven help us from people helping us into heaven
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