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Re: [PLUG] OT: hw repo (was What to do w/ 3-yr-old outboard CD burner? )

On Friday 12 December 2008 1:08:43 pm wrote:
> This would work, only if there were enough folks contributing. In my
> experience, these rental units start around $100 a month (they may be
> cheaper in some places, this is personal experience only).
> The problem is, I think too many folks would be a one-time thing. Also, how
> do you choose a location for the storage site? We're mostly all in the
> Philadelphia area, but even so that's pretty wide spread.
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> On Friday 12 December 2008 11:47:09 am wrote:
> > As you say, storage is the problem.
> We could rent a storage garage, and charge a small fee to all who
> participate, donate or pick up, to pay for the space.  The next two
> problems would be (1) establishing guidelines for acceptable stuff, and (2)
> staffing the thing.
> (1) odd stuff is probably good, but broken stuff not.  Shouldn't be serving
> as a dump for trash.
> (2) the u-store-it place will want names on a lease, and someone needs to
> administer it.

Well, I'm not sure it will work at all.  Though I've seen units for $35, 
that's $420 a year.  Who would want to be personally responsible for it?  It 
could be expanded to a larger community to make it work, but...

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