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Re: [PLUG] Waaaaaay OT: Retrain a Beagle

----- "Casey Bralla" <> wrote:


> I am thinking of doing something like the following:
> 1.  Beat the crap out of her (figuratively speaking) when she goes
> outside the 
> fence.
> 2.  Buy a new "high power" collar that she will find more
> unconfortable.
> 3.  Buy a radio collar which will continue to shock her as long as she
> is 
> outside the range of the transmitter.
> Anybody have any other ideas?   This dog is kind of sweet, but she's
> always 
> been a difficult dog to keep due to her many oddities, and this is
> bringing 
> us to the edge of tolerance.

Look and see if you can find one of the runs that uses an overhead line. Basically, it is a horizontal wire that you run between two stationary objects (trees, garage and house, etc.), and then have a vertical line attached to that with a ring so it can slide down the horizontal line.   This gives the dog side-to-side mobility, and well as some front to back mobility, but greatly lessens the chance of getting entangled. Be sure to watch the dog on it for the first few weeks, if she's that tangle prone.

Another idea would be a dog run (chain link box). They sell them at Lowe's and Home Depot. 

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