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Re: [PLUG] Waaaaaay OT: Retrain a Beagle

Casey Bralla wrote:
> OK, I know this is ridiculous, but y'all are the smartest group I know.

Then you're in trouble.

> My stoopid beagle (who acts a little autistic) has lost her "invisible fence" 
> training.  She's learned that the short pain of the collar is worth it if she 
> gets to wander around the neighborhood.

So she's not so stoopid, is she?

> home, but quickly leaves if we do.   We can't leave her tied up because she 
> is able to get tangled very quickly,

I'm glad you take this into account.  One should never leave a pet with 
this is possible.  This includes leaving a dog in a car while leashed. 
When you get out, there's no telling what can happen.

> adn then is stuck outside of her dog 
> house in bad weather. 

can she/does she stay indoors?

She's probably bored.  That tends to cause a lot of annoying behavior.

> Anybody have any other ideas?   This dog is kind of sweet, but she's always 
> been a difficult dog to keep due to her many oddities, and this is bringing 
> us to the edge of tolerance.

How about a physical fence?
I don't trust the electronic ones for this and other reasons.

Contact a dog trainer (yellow pages or your local Petco).  The solution 
is probably easier than you suspect.  Also check with a Beagle rescue or 
breed group, in case this behavior is common in the breed.  They would 
rather explain the problem and help you work around it than take in 
another dog.

You're doing the right thing, Casey.  Pets are our responsibility when 
we adopt them.  They're not throwaways.  [I used to do rescue work long 

If you have any questions, email me offlist so we don't pop any more 
veins in anyone's forehead.

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