Casey Bralla on 19 Dec 2008 14:49:35 -0800

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[PLUG] Waaaaaay OT: Retrain a Beagle

OK, I know this is ridiculous, but y'all are the smartest group I know.

My stoopid beagle (who acts a little autistic) has lost her "invisible fence" 
training.  She's learned that the short pain of the collar is worth it if she 
gets to wander around the neighborhood.   She stays in the yard when we are 
home, but quickly leaves if we do.   We can't leave her tied up because she 
is able to get tangled very quickly, adn then is stuck outside of her dog 
house in bad weather. (She's kind of like a reverse-Houdini:  she gets 
tangled up in her leash when there's nothing to get tangled on!)

Oddly, she learned the collar _VERY_ fast because even the little beeping 
noise it made scared her.

I am thinking of doing something like the following:

1.  Beat the crap out of her (figuratively speaking) when she goes outside the 
2.  Buy a new "high power" collar that she will find more unconfortable.
3.  Buy a radio collar which will continue to shock her as long as she is 
outside the range of the transmitter.

Anybody have any other ideas?   This dog is kind of sweet, but she's always 
been a difficult dog to keep due to her many oddities, and this is bringing 
us to the edge of tolerance.


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