jeff on 23 Dec 2008 07:55:40 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] VNC server on Kubuntu 8.10

I was unable to determine from the message whether you tried X11vnc or 
not.  I love it.  My use is simply to make a host available from my 
laptop (internally).

A few oddities, which may or may not be me: occasionally the caps lock 
state gets switched and can't be fixed from the remote connection.  If 
I'm typing something, I have to hold the SHIFT key while I type if I 
want lower case at all.  Not frequent but annoying.  Also, if you use 
multiple monitors on the host, it can get a little weird at the remote 
end.  The SCALE option is helpful.

I have been running this for years and it works fine on Xubuntu 8.10, 
which I'm running now.  Ymmv, of course.

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