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Re: [PLUG] Comcast and port 25

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From:  Fred Stluka <fred@bristle.com>
Subj:  Re: [PLUG] Comcast and port 25
Date:  Fri Jan 23, 2009 5:04 pm
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Short answers:
- Try port 587.  It may already work at the SMTP server.
- Try port 587 at Comcast's SMTP server.
- Leave the laptops configured like this all the time.  May not
  need to switch back and forth at home vs. work.

Long answer:


Hopefully, Comcast is better about their business-class accounts.

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Glenn Kelley wrote:
> our hosting organization runs on a few ports simply due to how the  
> ISP's have started blocking.
> We used to run 25/26 but of course some have gotten wise to that - so  
> now its 25/26/ and a few others
> This begs me to wonder what comcast will do when they release that  
> fast speed stuff for business accounts later this quarter.
> 50/down 20up with 5 static ip's i think is supposed to be the offer.
> $200 or so a month

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Chiming in...

On Verizon DSL (consumer) I just configured exim to authenticate to an use outgoing.verizon.net

I just figured that I "should" configure that way since I have no email boxes locally (I use verizon's and gmail). 

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