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Re: [PLUG] Anybody Using Kde 4.2 Yet?

I installed KDE 4.2 to give it an spin and it solves almost none of the 
issues I have with the "new" KDE.  I keep hoping... meanwhile it's Gnome 
or KDE 3.5.x for me :-(


Casey Bralla wrote:
> I posted a mild rant about how terrible KDE 4.1.2 was a few months ago.   I 
> see that KDE 4.2 is out now, and "all the issues are resolved"
> I loaded up the KDE live CD (based on Open SuSE), and most stuff did look 
> better, but I wasn't able to test the RandR (sideways screen) functions, 
> since it was greyed out and I couldn't figure out how to activate it.
> The buggy nature of the RandR extensions was one of the prime reasons I 
> trashed 4.1.2, since I always keep my monitor int he "tall" position (much 
> better for everything except movies and spreadsheets).
> Has anybody tried KDE 4.2 yet?  Does the RandR setting work?

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