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Re: [PLUG] dedicating a sound card to a vm

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Brian Stempin wrote:
> According to this, its not possible with VMWare Server.  For the record,
> this is possible with Xen and other similar VM hosts.

i think there may be a hack-ish way to experiment slightly...

what if you changed permissions/ownership on one of the sound devices so
that the host OS does not have any access to it at all, but the
hypervisor has full access to it?

i don't think that'd work but it'd be worth trying at the very least.

(quoted from earlier post)
Right now I have the 2496 working with OSS4 in the host.  I just enabled
the onboard sound in the bios but the host is still using the 2496.  I
want to know if I can somehow enable both cards in the host, so I have
two sound cards, and use the onboard sound for the VM.  Right now when I
start vmplayer it tries to use the Maudio card for sound but the sound
comes out garbled.  Is it possible to configure 2 sound cards on the
host?  Do they both need to be OSS4 or can I use alsa for one?

yeah, you can configure both sound cards. never used OSS much myself,
but i know in ALSA you can configure and use more than one card.
however, this gets tricky because i think unless you do some serious
playing around, you can only output to one sound platform- not sure you
can putput to oss and alsa simultaneously but you can definitely set one
card up in alsa and another in oss and switch between the two with
minimal hacking-at-it.
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