Brian Stempin on 8 Feb 2009 13:13:45 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] dedicating a sound card to a vm

i think there may be a hack-ish way to experiment slightly...

what if you changed permissions/ownership on one of the sound devices so
that the host OS does not have any access to it at all, but the
hypervisor has full access to it?

i don't think that'd work but it'd be worth trying at the very least.

VMWare Server is not a true hypervisor in that it never has control of the hardware -- the host OS does.  This is why a raw pass-though is not possible.  If it were something like VMWare ESXi or Xen, then its the hypervisor that directly controls the hardware, allowing for pass-through features.

That being said, VMWare server will allow USB pass-through via special drivers.  If the sound card in question was a USB card, then it'd work.

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