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Re: [PLUG] Verizon bureaucracy gone wild

While this indeed is extremely stupid it does not get to the point of what
bundling and non competition have done to high speed internet. In many
areas FIOS is, or will be, the only practical option. The question is why
does anyone need verizon phone service period! But FIOS, I think, requires
phone service as a minimum, locking you into a rate structure, or at least
a future rate structure, that is ridiculous compared to the alternatives.

Many people have totally dropped home wired phone service to use just a
wireless service and there are some great bluetooth interfces available. I
recently purchase a home in Cape May and do not have phone service there.
I bought a GE wireless phone box ($65) the will link with up to 2
cellphones and function like a normal home phone system with up to 7
remotes. It comes with one remote. So it is not so hard to dump your wired
service if you want. I also find DirectTV to be great and have no need for
any wired TV service.

Hopefully the new administration will make this a priority. Everyone
should have the ability to have high speed internet without the cumbrance
of any other service.

Write your Congressmen!!!!


On Thu, 12 Feb 2009, JP Vossen wrote:

> > Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 14:39:23 -0500 (EST)
> > From: "Bill Hance" <>
> >
> >   My recently installed FiOS is considered Business FiOS due to the static
> > IP addresses.  I've noticed that my phone and TV appear to be billed at
> > a slightly higher business rate, rather than the residential rate.  I
> > gave them a call, and... you would not believe their answer to this
> > billing problem.  Their solution is to run a 2nd FiOS line from the
> > street to my house, install a 2nd FiOS ONT box on the wall in my
> > basement, and then get the TV and phone from this new line, which would
> > have residential billing.
> >
> >   They are unable to provide residential billing on the same fiber that
> > has static IP!
> My understanding of this extreme stupidity is that residential and
> business are two totally different Verizon business units, and nothing
> is/can be shared.  Typical large company inefficiency and vast stupidity.
> The Verizon thing that bugs the heck out of me is that I have
> residential FiOS, but not phone or TV.  So several times per *week* I
> get various junk mail from them either asking me to come back to FiOS (I
> never left) or to sign up for their triple-play thing, which I will
> never do.  (Aside from the fact that I don't trust them, I strongly
> believe that putting too many eggs in one basket is a really bad idea
> from a vendor lock-in perspective, among others.  Another one is that
> I'd never get hosting from my domain name registrar, or vice versa.)
> I've called a few times to try and get them to stop wasting money and
> paper on me, but they claim I have to have phone service before the
> screen where they can turn that crap off will come up.  WTH?!?
> If anyone has an idea how to make this stop, I'd appreciate it.  I've
> considered a USPS1500 "Prohibitory Order" form [1], but I'm afraid
> exceedingly stupid companies (e.g. Verizon or Comcast) would screw it up
> and sever all correspondence and relationship, and I like my FiOS...
> Later,
> JP

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