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Re: [PLUG] ATI Open Source Driver Status

Casey Bralla wrote:
> I'm planning a video card purcahse soon.  I'd like to go with ATI due to their 
> better open source support (or at least, better open source noises).
> The last I heard, ATI closed source drivers were superior to the open source 
> ones.
> Anybody have any opinions on them?
I, too, had a similar dilemma a few months ago.

I received a second 22" monitor for Christmas and could not get it to 
work in a dual-monitor configuration with the existing video card (which 
was a ATI Radeon chip in a "Diamond Stealth" card.)  To be fair, I could 
get the dual monitors to work but only with the generic driver.  If I 
wanted ANY acceleration at all I had to switch to the fglrx driver and 
that simply would not recognize the second monitor.  ATI proprietary 
drivers failed outright because it was a radeon _chip_ but a Diamond 
Stealth _card_.

I bit the bullet and went for a nVidia card and I've been very happy 
with it.
ATI may have been a "better" choice for some reasons but the 
nVidia-based card is the best performing video card I've ever used.

FYI: Between now and 3/1 there are several video cards on sale at 
MicroCenter in St. Davids.  Prices from $30 to $135.


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