jeff on 22 Feb 2009 13:48:03 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] grub or hosed?

Gordon Dexter wrote:
> At this point I'd get all data off of /home (while you still can? with 
> symptoms like this I wouldn't be shocked if you ended up losing /home 
> like you did /).
> Run SpinRite 

oddly enough, it's clicking away like MAD as I type.
NOTE TO SELF: put a physical switch on computer speaker(s), just in case 
the `special' dedicated speaker switch fails.

I absolutely *abhor* noisy programs.  And system sounds.
Want my attention?  Beep once, you $&*#er :)

> program.  Check Smart status of the drive as well.  Although partition 
> table problems would explain your situation, it doesn't rule out the 
> possibility that the disk is dying.  So keep that backup safe.

It's working on the OS partition.  Considering the amount of time it has 
been working and it has barely gotten anywhere, I'll go crazy(moreso) 
from the noises before it gets to 5% done.

Thanks for the info, folks.

P.S. UFO Files marathon on History channel.  I wonder if UFOs contain 
hard drives and OSes that don't go south.


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