Gordon Dexter on 25 Feb 2009 23:07:23 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] errant drive and Spinrite

Glenn Kelley wrote:
> I recently read about a ton of Seagate failures - ends up the firmware  
> on the drive needs to be updated...
> go figure one more thing for us all to have to track
It's a firmware bug that causes data to be inaccessible until you send 
certain data to the onboard RS232 port.  Apparently every time the drive 
starts up there is a 1 in 320 chance that the drive will brick itself, 
due to the size of the contents of it's internal journal.  A Seagate 
engineer leaked some technical details on Slashdot: 

At no point is data ever actually lost, it's just inaccessible till the 
firmware is fixed (or till you replace the logic board with a working 
one).  They seem to be pretty good about helping you recover data, but 
it certainly is "one more thing" to worry about.  Especially since I 
have a server full of 6 of these disks in RAID5.  At least it's on UPS, 
that should mitigate the risk somewhat.

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