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Re: [PLUG] most common web dev technology in the Philly region?

Personally, I vote for Java, _javascript_, and Ajax, optionally using
_javascript_ libraries like DWR, Prototype, Dojo, jQuery, MochiKit,

For a broader view than this small group can provide, see the
various trends sites to see what people are searching Google for,
or what job ads are mentioning, etc.  For example,

but beware false hits that don't take context into account, so
you have to find a way to not count all references to the word
"net" when considering MS .NET, and references to the country of
Java when searching for Java, etc.

Tim, thanks for the link to Tiobe!  Looks like a useful resource.
I've added it to my the Jobs row of my links page, with the other
trends sites:
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Tim Allen wrote:
If you me "Out There" as in personal projects, yeah, a lot of people are playing with Ruby. It is nice. Don't be shy of C# / .NET just because it is MS either, it is a pleasure to work with... and mono runs it quite well.

In the work place, I think PHP is clearly ahead in the area, with Java and .NET not too far behind. Anything else in corporate would be a distant fourth. The Tiobe index tends to be a fairly accurate gauge of programming language popularity, world wide, and not just web dev languages:



On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Amaury Rodriguez <> wrote:
If you like OOP, you'll have a lot of fun with Ruby.


> On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 1:02 PM, David van Balen <> wrote:
>> I'm thinking of picking up a book two and learning a new web development technology, so I figured I'd ask the list what people are seeing out there the most. Ruby on Rails? Java EE? .NET/Mono/whatever? Plain old PHP? Something else?
>> TIA

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