jeff on 30 Apr 2009 07:16:41 -0700

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[PLUG] 9.04 64bit

Because I enjoy pain, I loaded 9.04 64bit on a new quad-core box at 
work.  The 32bit version hasn't been an issue.

The 64bit OS is *fast*.  Or at least the box runs it quickly.
I am told there are a few things that don't like to run, such as certain 
multimedia apps, but that's not a concern.  I heard Flash is a problem 
but if I can't run Flash then it's a PERFECT OS :)  Everybody should use it.

There's a great app called AutoScan Network that's halfway between 
inventory and IDS.  It was fairly solid once it got running (somewhat 
shaky til then) on 8.10 but I'm having all sorts of trouble with it on 
9.04/64   It keeps getting frozen or disappearing entirely.  There's a 
newer version that refuses to do much more than come up.

Am I an idiot (a bigger one?) to try 64bit or is this perhaps confined 
to this app?  Thus far the other apps are working but I'm only a day 
into the project.


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