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Re: [PLUG] VIrtual Servers on Single IP

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Malcolm J Harwood wrote:
> On Sunday 03 May 2009, Casey Bralla wrote:
>> I have a single static IP which I use for multiple web pages on multiple
>> domains.   Apache makes this process very simple and painless; all web
>> traffic hits Apache, which then decides which web domain was really wanted.
>> However, I'd like to allow each web customer be able to run their own
>> virtual machine on my server, and am wondering how I can split the traffic
>> to separate web pages (with the same public IP) to the separate virtual
>> machines on the same physical server.
>> Anybody have any ideas or know of a good How-To for this?
> Set up a reverse proxy on your common IP that redirects to the internal IPs of 
> the virtual machines? This is a common load balancing technique, usually for 
> when you have a heavy duty backend process and don't want to tie up 
> processes/threads for sending out the data once it's produced. (Standard 
> procedure with mod_perl and java/tomcat backends).
> Apache even has a module for it 
> (, and a quick google 
> search turns up a good number of howtos.

yeah, reverse proxying would also work. probably a lot better than the
hack i outlined just now too
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