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Re: [PLUG] VIrtual Servers on Single IP

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Alex Launi wrote:
> Do you have a gateway box or is this box also the gateway? Shorewall
> should be able to take the domain and route to the correct vps (I'm
> prettty sure, Brent- would like your input on this). You can have
> Shorewall running on this box or a seperate gateway box.
> -- 
> -- Alex Launi

sort of- here's how to do half of it-

1. make VPS' via openvz

2. make their IP's viewable on the external (host's) LAN via bridging on
the host and proper routing (i.e. "to get to <OPenVZ's VPS IP network>,
take a route through <openVZ host>")

3. tell shorewall to DNAT to the VPS' IP

BUT there's a problem.

AFAICT, shorewall/iptables can't interpret incoming hostnames, just IP
addresses (or i think MAC/ARP as well).

so you would have to hack up something like this:

- -put apache on the host/firewall
- -for the domain's vhost do an apache redirect to the VPS' IP

hackish, but unless i'm missing anything obvious it should work.
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