Greg Helledy on 9 May 2009 08:00:55 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] No OpenGL on lenny upgrade

Last night I did what I had mentioned previously...just went and let it 
pull in the 2.6.26-1 kernel image and matching kernel module.  I 
rebooted, using the 2.6.26-2 kernel and OpenGL is working correctly.  I 
then uninstalled the 2.6.26-1 kernel image.  Some wasted bandwidth and 
time, but no biggie.  The real hassle was doing the clean install AFTER 
doing the upgrade.  I would have tried the module-assistant procedure 
next if I hadn't re-installed.

Thanks for your help!


sean finney wrote:
> hi,
> (this message isn't gpg signed because i'm away from my laptop for the
> weekend)
> On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 11:51:23AM -0400, Greg Helledy wrote:
>> kernel packages.  Why installing the nvidia kernel package for 2.6.26-2 
>> is forcing an install of a 2.6.26-1 kernel image is beyond me.  So is 
> that sounds kinda fishy, indeed.
>> If you are running lenny, do you have 2.6.26-2 or 2.6.26-1?
>> If you were me, what would you do here--let it install kernel 2.6.26-1 
>> and use that?
> my recommendation would be to stay with the latest kernel offered in lenny
> because it probably has bugfixes/security fixes.  instead of using the
> prebuilt kernel driver package, try rolling your own with module-assistant.
> something like:
> sudo apt-get install module-assistant build-essential
> sudo m-a prepare
> sudo m-a a-i nvidia-kernel-source
> 	sean

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