jeff on 8 Jul 2009 11:07:06 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Dell really gets Linux - at last wrote:
> => Can't use linux to order linux.  Pricing can be bizarre.  The site is not
> Huh? I don't have IE installed on my linux boxes, and I use the Dell Premier 
> site often.

Do you frequently win the lottery?  :)

I have tried every browser, including IE under Wine with no success. 
Also Firefox and Opera under Win give me grief.  IE works as a Firefox 
tab (when the Dell site cooperates).

> OK, the site is pretty poor...

I asked my rep if the web guys get the GOOD pharmaceuticals but she 
declined to comment.

> One implicitely pro-Linux move from Dell is that they sell selected systems 
> without an OS (ie., without Windows), at a significant discount (~$200). Don't 
> forget that they offer Linux (supported by Dell and/or RH) on their servers.

I tend to order their popular FreeDOS option for my machines at work.
No real issues w/ the Ubuntus.

I noticed that the Minis have linux options right up front, which is 
certainly more than other vendors.  The new Latitude, which seems to be 
a repackaged Mini 10, also has an Ubuntu option.

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