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[PLUG] Upcoming PLUG North Virtualization Roundtable - KVM and Virtualbox experts wanted!

Hi everyone,

First off, I want to mention that PLUG North has moved from the second
Monday of the month to the second Tuesday. It will still be held at
Coredial in Plymouth Meeting. Huge thanks to them and directly to our
contacts there: Danita Fries for all her work hosting this past year
and to Kevin McAllister who will be taking over as our host moving

Secondly, we have a Virtualization Roundtable planned for PLUG North
on Tuesday, August 11th. The meeting will essentially be a guided
discussion on the following:

1. Quick overview: What is Virtualization?
 a. Discussion, Questions
2. When virtualization is a good idea and when it's a bad idea
 a. A presented list of commonly accepted reasons
 b. Discussion, Questions
3. Overview of technologies out there
 a. Quick blurb from each expert we have attending, including their
strengths and weaknesses
 b. Discussion, Questions
4. Open questions and discussion

So far we have someone who can talk on Xen, someone who can talk on
VMWare, and a couple of people who have experience with multiple
virtualization technologies so we are ready to cover the technologies,
but what I'd really like to have are people who can specifically
discuss and answer questions about KVM and VirtualBox. Please let me
know if you are such a person who'd be able to attend and fill one or
both of these roles.


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