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Re: [PLUG] Hard Drive warranty RMA

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Michael Leone wrote:

> "Pestilence" is such an extremely harsh term to use, don't you think?

nope, it's exactly what it is- a nasty, disgusting, infectious disease.
not only should proprietary software not exist, ESPECIALLY for necessary
tools, but it's also sold with promises of things like "bringing a hard
drive back to life" et. al. poor marketing that only focuses on
spreading the disease.

> I recommended it not as a "panacea" to make everything perfect again,
> but as a way of making the drive usable, long enough for the OP to do
> whatever last operation they wanted to do (which I presumed was to
> remove the sensitive data from the drive). Isn't that what you were
> doing - recommending a way to do what the OP wants to do?

first, as i mentioned, the tools are already there in linux.

secondly, the OP never mentioned data recovery. they're RMAing it and
wants to wipe it. if they mentioned data recovery, that'd be an entirely
different discussion.

> At a guess, the emergency doctor who would be treating my open abdomen
> would probably administer morphine (or similar) so I could bear the
> pain, while he repaired my open gash, yes.

right; poor choice of an analogy, but i think i made my point clear. i
ought have said "one wouldn't take morphine alone to fix a gash" etc.
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