jeff on 2 Sep 2009 17:52:49 -0700

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[PLUG] Quasi OT: Please help me find a phone

My faithful Treo 700p is starting to really torque me off.  Or rather, 
I'm starting to get tired of its eccentricities.

You couldn't GIVE me an iPhone, Crackberry, or Win OS.

Today I saw the Palm Pre.
What idiot decided to put the keyboard on the narrow side?
I got yer cloud RIGHT HERE.

I'm screwed, I know.

No trackballs.
No cloud.
No keyboards smaller than my Treo's
POP/IMAP direct access - no special servers
Stable and fast.
Don't need a touchscreen (not a dealbreaker)
Sync w/desktop reliably, via cable is fine
Media player-MP3/OGG
SD slot

I want a stable PHONE THAT WORKS.
Email is required but not important.  I check it infrequently.

Is this really THAT *$(#ing hard?
Think Treo with a faster processor and bigger screen.

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