Richard Freeman on 3 Sep 2009 12:34:47 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Quasi OT: Please help me find a phone

Gordon Dexter wrote:
> I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Android-based phones.  

I wanted to, but he did say Verizon.  As others have pointed out, 
Android is coming to verizon.  Knowing Verizon, though, I wouldn't be 
surprised if they spent six full months stripping out anything that 
makes it useful.  :)

> I've rooted it and installed the Cyanogen mod ROM, 
> and it's pretty nice.  


Only issue is that none of the 3rd party ROMs have much in the way of 
release management - Cyanogen has "stable" releases, but that's a bit of 
a stretch (if the first time anybody other than the developer uses a 
release is on a build marked "stable" then it isn't).  His builds are as 
close to stable as they get though.

> Since it sounds like you are looking for a hard keyboard I'd say look 
> into the G1.  It has a bit less storage space, but after rooting you can 
> store apps on the MicroSD card so that's not quite as bad a concern as 
> it would otherwise be.

I have had a G1 since Jan and I'm very happy with it.  Performance isn't 
spectacular, but that is probably due to Davlik more than anything else 
(Google's own Java-like VM - without JIT).  The space is an issue but 
once you mount an ext2+ partition from your SD and offload junk it is 
fine.  I would recommend getting as fast an SD card as you can find if 
you do this.
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