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Re: [PLUG] Quasi OT: Please help me find a phone

On Thursday 03 September 2009 09:01:10 Claude M. Schrader wrote:
> limiting yourself to verizon

Disclosure: I have had sprint since 1995.  Considered moving to Verizon for 
the Kyocera 7035.  Verizon monthly fees literally double sprint.

I have Sprint for my personal account and Verizon for work now.  In 3 
words: "Verizon data service sucks" (OK, 4 words).

Yeah, I can make voice calls in my basement toilet with Verizon, but in my 
bedroom where Verizon has 4 bars and sprint has 2 or 3, Sprint data is faster 
than DSL, while Verizon data is slower than 56k.

This pattern carries over in lots of places, Verizon coverage is very broad 
and very shallow.

If you primarily make voice calls, Verizon is the best.  If you use data, 
Verizon is a big disappointment.

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