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Re: [PLUG] [Job]

I get headhunters that call me up quite frequently.  I figured someone 
here may be interested:

My client is looking for a jr/mid level sys admin who also has a bit of 
a programming background (preferably java, but not an issue).  You may 
be familiar with these guys as a company already, and HxTechnologies is 
now a part of Medecision.  The ideal candidate is a bright, young admin 
who is able to communicate well with customers themselves and then in 
turn be able to program and fufill admin duties as needed.

Mario Ventresca

Associate Staff Consultant

TripleScreen Search & Staffing

Phone: 610-970-8620 x16

Fax: 610-323-4081

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-Linc Fessenden

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