Greg Helledy on 28 Oct 2009 08:16:48 -0700

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[PLUG] CyberPower UPS-- "powerpanel" monitoring software segfaults

I bought a CyberPower UPS, model CP550SL, which was on sale for $40 from 
MicroCenter.  It has a USB cable which connects to the computer to allow 
automated shutdown.  The box indicated that linux and mac support were 
available via download from the website.

Sure enough, they offer .deb, .rpm and tarball of their software for 
32-bit linux.  I am running 32-bit lenny.
I downloaded and installed the .deb
When I issued the command to start the daemon, the response was 
"Segmentation fault".

I've emailed CyberPower support.  I'm not particularly hopeful of 
getting anything insightful back.
Anyone had experience with this software?
Would I be better off paying more for an APC if I want working shutdown 


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