jeff on 28 Oct 2009 08:53:40 -0700

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[PLUG] UPS-- probably not the way it's SUPPOSED to work

Buoyed and encouraged by all this UPS talk, I installed the software to 
monitor my trusty APC mega-ups.

The rear has an amusing jack labeled USB, which is really RJ45 (yeah, I 
know).  I chose serial.  Plugged it into the pc, then into the ups, and


The UPS shut down immediately.

I believe it's called irony when your battery backup shuts down 
completely, to the point where the battery does not come online.  Not 
much of a battery backup at this point, no?

I shall not repeat this experiment.

The only analog I can think of is in audio, getting a ground loop. 
Fortunately a ground loop does not shut down the equipment.  [this one 
shut down four pc's plus the guy at the next desk leeching off me]

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