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Re: [PLUG] Android?

Richard Freeman wrote:
> Matt Mossholder wrote:
>> As Amaury said, I don't know that there is much need for apps to
>> interact with the phone, as the phone itself has so many features, there
>> isn't much need. Just throw your media on a miniSD card, and you are
>> set.
> Indeed, android doesn't really provide any hooks for a usb-connected
> computer to interact with on-phone applications in a supported way.

There's the aforementioned media xfer, which I accomplish the same way 
with the Treo (sd card).  However I need to get Palm data to it 
initially, plus sync.  I guess their solution is Exch sync but I'd 
rather accomplish it via desktop.  Haven't had much success w/ Treo and 
Exch sync.

> On the other hand, most of the google-provided apps have online sync,

Not an online app guy, but thanks for the info.

> As far as getting files to/from the microSD card goes, the device just
> mounts as a usb storage device, so nothing could be easier on that front.

That would be a pleasant change.

> Note, all my android experience is on the G1 platform (with the JF or
> Cyanogenmod firmware), so your mileage on Verizon might vary.  If you
> aren't under contract

Verizon (work phone).  I wouldn't give them up because I can't remember 
the last time I had a dropped call.  I have a usb cell modem from them 
too - great results.

> over a substantial portion of the Philly metro area (alas, still falling
> a few miles short of my home and work).

I hope they fill it in for you.  Do you know if they have any plans to?

Thanks for the responses.

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