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Re: [PLUG] Netbooks for High school

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Edmond Rodriguez wrote:
> Open Office is amazing, and I use it all the time,  but it's not
> absolutely perfect (unless the newer ones are).  These comments are
> focused on Word documents.
> Though I have not updated in some time, my experience with Open
> Office is it is not always perfect.  It does a great job opening MS
> documents and can save created or modified documents in MS formats,
> but again, it's not perfect.  Fonts will change slightly (unless you
> do lots of font work in the configuration), 

It depends what fonts are installed on the user's system.  Ms Word and
any word processor uses the fonts that are installed on the system and
if it cannot find an exact fit it will attempt to do a best fit.

If you want to ensure that the fonts are the same use pdf format which
has fonts installed in the file thus the size increase.

> pagination changes,
> bullets have had issues (though I think some are corrected).
> I am almost an exclusive OpenOffice user, but if I submit something I
> created in OO for Word that needs to be virtually identical in every
> way, when viewed in MS, such that the person receiving it and opening
> it with MS gets exactly what I saw in OO, I have to verify my
> document with MS word (free read only mode after trial period ends)
> to verify it's identical appearance (it is always very close to what
> I want, and usually good enough).   I have learned how to run MS Word
> (trial and read only after trial) using Wine, though I've set it up
> some time ago and perhaps had to do some work linking in my XP fonts.
> Perhaps things have improved in the past year or more.  Since what I
> have now is working well, I have held on to it (OO 3.0.0).   OO is
> great and I use it, but it's not perfect.   Rarely, but sometimes, I
> have experienced OO documents saved in MS formats, to not be
> acceptable to automatic parsers such as those used in job search web
> sites, though they were always compatible with MS Word.  I managed to
> get around that by updating and/or trying different save formats (95
> , 97).  One other person in this list verified off line the problem I
> was having.
> I think the main issue is with font usage, so there must be "safe"
> fonts one can use to switch back and forth between OO and MS.  I also
> read something once about being able to store the font data in the
> document (though making it larger), so as to always have it there.
> I've never tried that if possible.
> Documents exported to PDF from OO of course are wonderful, if the
> person receiving it does not need to edit and will accept a PDF.
> Edmond Rodriguez
>> OpenOffice works very nicely with MS formats.  In the Options, just
>> change to save in MS 97/2000/XP by default.  Also, uncheck the warn
>> when not saving in Open Document, as this will cause the user undue
>> consternation.
>> OOo will not be compatible with Access, but that shouldn't be a
>> problem.

Isn't Access a  light weight SQL based data base?  Shouldn't you be able
to use ODBC to setup a connection?  I have never done it with Access but
it works with PostgreSQL and other SQL data bases.

>> OOo 3.1 is more compatible with more MS formats than any MS
>> product. Yesterday, I opened an MS Works word processing document,
>> and an old Quattro Pro spreadsheet.  MS Office can open neither.

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