Lee Marzke on 27 Nov 2009 09:22:34 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Netbooks for High school

Mike Leone wrote:
> Edmond Rodriguez had this to say:
>> I am almost an exclusive OpenOffice user, but if I submit something I
>> created in OO for Word that needs to be virtually identical in every
> way, when viewed in MS, such that the person receiving it and opening it
> with MS gets exactly what I saw in OO,
> MS offers free viewers for Word, Excel and Powerpoint, all of which run 
> under WINE. So no need to run a trial of MS Office in read only mode.
> I tried, every year for so, for 3-4 years running, to use OO instead of 
> Word at my old firm, at least for some users. But it invariably got the 
> formatting "wrong" (i.e., different, requiring user intervention). On a 
> regular memo, that wouldn't be a problem. On a presentation to the Board 
> of Directors, not a chance. Bullet points would not be aligned, 
> paragraph indentations would not always be as expected, etc.
Maybe I have a different workflow for business presentations,  I develop the
presentation on Linux/OO and present it from my laptop Linux/OO  so
there are no problems.  I always distribute slides as PDF.
> Using OO would have to be completely transparent, a non-intrusive, 
> drop-in replacement for Word. And it wasn't, not for me. (may still not 
> be, I don't know; I don't do end user support any more). It's difficult 
> to tell a VP or the CEO that the presentation they spent so much time 
> developing in OO, doesn't appear as intended, because the other BOD 
> members use Word and not OO ... Makes for a very unprofessional 
> impression, as if they hadn't proof-read it.
I would think that the VP would only switch if he had made a decision to
the whole company.  I agree you just can't arbitrarily convert
individual users to OO.

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