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Re: [PLUG] Self-hosted online backups?

JP Vossen wrote:
> As is probably the case for a lot of us, I control Linux servers in 
> various locations (e.g, my house, my Mom's house).  I want to set up a 
> self-hosted online backup service and copy Mom's data to my house and my 
> data to her house.  I want the data to be compressed, encrypted (both in 
> transit and at rest), have multiple copes/versions 
> (daily/weekly/monthly) and to be disk and bandwidth efficient.
> Obviously, I could script something using tar, GPG, rsync, and/or other 
> tools, but I can't be the only person out there who wants this, and why 
> reinvent the wheel?
> I've considered rsync.net which sounds really cool, and I was just 
> reading about tarsnap.com.  Tarsnap does exactly what I want, except it 
> uses a pay-for hosted back-end (AWS).  While neither of them is 
> expensive, I'd prefer not to use "the cloud" for various reasons 
> including the fact that I'm paranoid, cheap and sometimes a 
> control-freak. :-)  I could possibly modify the tarsnip code to work the 
> way I want, but that is precluded by the ToS 
> (http://www.tarsnap.com/legal.html).  I think the tarsnip setup is 
> brilliant on several levels, it's just not what I personally want.
> One really simple solution is to just create a local compressed tarball, 
> then encrypt that, then rsync it.  But that's crappy because it needs 
> 2-3x local disk space, depending on how the encryption works the file 
> may change so much that rsync is no use, it does not allow 
> space-efficient versions, and probably other things I'm forgetting.
> My data includes ~20G of pictures and that will only grow, and a mix of 
> other static and dynamic data including revision control systems, 
> documents and DB files.  Actually, I could get up to a bit under 200G if 
> I was really sloppy about what I back up.  So the local 2-3x disk space 
> and I/O is non-trivial, and even cheap storage and bandwidth would start 
> to add up.
> If I have to roll my own, I can and will--eventually.  Meanwhile does 
> anyone know of anything that I can self-host without a lot of DIY?
Several years ago I wrote a bash script for a secure backup that uses
gnupg tar and etc.  It also checks for any changes in directories like
/usr/lib /usr/bin and etc since the last backup.  I run it from a cron
job and is quite efficient.

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