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Re: [PLUG] Self-hosted online backups?

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The "backup my data" wheel has been reinvented enough times that you  
shouldn't be forced to write anything. There's plenty of programs out  
there that can do what you need to do. The dilemma is where to store  
the backups.

Option #1 is put together a box and colo it in a datacenter. That'll  
run you around $100-200 a month + cost of hardware. You'll have to  
manage that all on your own, which includes making backups of that  

Option #2 is use Amazon S3 or Tarsnap (I'd do tarsnap since Tarsnap  
uses S3, and you won't need to write any more scripts to do the  
backup, dedup, upload, versioning, etc.) and let Amazon worry about  
maintaining the infrastructure.

I'm in a similar situation. I have a system in a datacenter that has  
client data on it, and I have to make regular backups and store them  
offsite.  I'm looking at Tarsnap because I can stop managing my  
offsite storage, and with the backups being in the cloud the backups  
go from offline to nearline.

Thank You,
Sean Collins

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