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Re: [PLUG] Gnome and "editable menu shortcut keys"

* Richard Freeman wrote:
> Hmm - that sounds like a nifty utility - something that will grab the 
> current screen's scrollback and dump it into a file or better still 
> launch an editor of choice containing it (without any need to 
> mark/copy/paste/etc from screen).

From the screen manpage under the "copy" command:

  >  sets the (second) mark and writes the contents of the paste
     buffer to the screen-exchange file (/tmp/screen-exchange per
     default) once copy-mode is finished.  This  example
     demonstrates how to dump the whole scrollback buffer to that
     file: "C-A [ g SPACE G $ >".

My guess is you could use the screenrc file to bind that to some special
key, and there you go!

> Of course, I was thinking it might be nice if the status bar would
> somehow indicate when it had received a ctrl-a.  Then you just keep
> hitting a until the proper status bar is lit up.  Hmm, maybe this
> feature already exists; I'll have to look into it.

It turns out someone else already requested this feature back in
October.  And no one had taken it up, so I wrote the patch this evening.


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