Casey Bralla on 5 Feb 2010 02:30:16 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Xubuntu menu editing - whew...

I also found the "autostart" features of XFCE (from Debian) to be rather 
complex.   There seems to be a couple of different files that can be changed, 
and no single unifying concept behind it all.

I think this is what happens when 1 group of software developers builds on the 
work of a completely different group that was working on something different.  
I got the impression that XFCE, much more than KDE or Gnome, is actually 
several completely different projects that have been melded together.

So no, I don't think you're missing anything.  I think you will find its 
actually not that complicated once you get it done, but the learning curve can 
be steeper than you would have expected.

On Thursday 04 February 2010 8:53:04 pm jeff wrote:
> I just lost an hour of my life looking into how to edit menus.
> Apparently there existed an xfce4-menueditor but it went the way of the
> dodo.  Now it appears to be all text file editing.  While I'm ok with
> editing text files, this involves several files and seems unnecessarily
> complex and bereft of proper tools.
> I checked the xfce wiki as well as Ubuntu and the only answer is heavy
> editing.
> What am I missing?
> Is this some sort of open source skirmish that didn't make the headlines?
> Is this required to be difficult for some reason that escapes me?
> Is the universe angry at me because my dog humps the cat?


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