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[PLUG] PLUG N Follow-up: Gentoo and other

Thanks to Richard for a great talk on Gentoo, I learned quite a bit and 
will certainly play around with it at least in a VM.

Related to Gentoo and it adapting the BSD port system, I highly 
recommend _Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd Edition: The Complete Guide to FreeBSD_
by Michael W. Lucas (November 2007, 744 pp.).  See my full review:

Even if you don't care about *BSD, it's a great read for Unix-y 
knowledge in general.  Put it on your x-mas list...

If you are a SysAdmin or need to touch a Cisco device occasionally, I 
also recommend _Cisco Routers for the Desperate_ by the same author.  I 
suspect anything he's written is very good.

I also mentioned ROXTerm, and how cool it is (and it's getting better, 
as the developer has been very responsive to my and other folks 
suggestions).  Even if you think Gnome-terminal is OK, check it out.

And I mentioned Thunar, the file-manager from XFCE, which installs clean 
with no dependencies on Gnome and is far faster than Nautilus.  Perhaps 
it doesn't have all the same bells and whistles, but 98% of the time it 
does more than enough for me, and it does it a lot faster.

Finally, the system I brought in for show-n-tell is a Meerkat 
(, and 
I just started using a Meerkat ION 
( for a 
MythTV front-end.  I'll try to bring the Meerkat (not ION) to PLUG W 
next week too.

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