Eric on 23 Mar 2010 17:29:18 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu: Dist-upgrade failed

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Tuesday 23 March 2010 10:02:56 am Eric wrote:
>> I ran the Ubuntu Update Manager from the little icon that tells me there
>> are updates. 
> try running the command 
> do-release-upgrade
> instead.  It is much faster and has not given me problems.  It may also 
> provide more useful feedback.
> There was a problem with the last release of OpenOffice 3.1 which corrupts its 
> registry and hampers an upgrade to 3.2.  Purging OpenOffice and then 
> reinstalling it is the recommended solution.
Ah!  do-release-upgrade - I had forgotten about that.
I'll purge the OpenOffice (my system has 3.0) and try that... RIGHT
after I back up my /home partition!


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