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Re: [PLUG] What's the best KDE-based distro for noobs at this point? wrote:
> In the message dated: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 08:46:15 EDT,
> The pithy ruminations from Greg Helledy on 
> <[PLUG] What's the best KDE-based distro for noobs at this point?> were:
> => I know that this type of question has the potential to provoke a lot of 
> => conflict, but here goes:
> => 
> => Ubuntu is most commonly recommended for installing on newcomers' 
> => computers, but I've read that the KDE packages (as provided with 
> => Kubuntu) are poorly-packaged, resulting in a lot of issues like crashing 
> => or apps that don't start.
> => 
> => Is are Mint's packages the same?  If you wanted to get someone started 
> => on a distro with KDE (that they're going to install themselves), what 
> => would you suggest?
> => 
> I haven't used Mint...or Gentoo...and have limited experience with Suse and 
> Ubuntu...but here's a radical suggestion:
> 	CentOS
> Why? Lots of people will say that it's boring, slow to update, doesn't have the 
> latest eye-candy and toys. I say that for a new Linux user, someone who's going 
> to be overwhelmed with the basic concepts, these are _good_ things. CentOS is a 
> recompilation of RHEL, so it's got the advantages of:
> 	empahasizing stability
> 	large installed base
> 	corporate backing without the price
> 	heavily KDE based
> For a new user, the initial complication would involve adding repositories that 
> provide non-free components (ie., mp3 player & libraries, Acrobat Reader, etc.).
> Mark

CentOS is heavily KDE based? I thought that Red Hat had standardized on
Gnome. Red Hat Enterprise is Gnome by default as is Fedora Core. I
suppose you can install and use KDE in one but I have not seen a RH
system using KDE in years.

OpenSuSE is KDE based. In my opinion, they were and may still be the
best KDE distro which is one reason I used them since about SuSE 4 or 5
until OpenSuSE 10.2.

I would be happy to hear that Red Hat / CentOS runs KDE and runs it well.


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