Casey Bralla on 3 Apr 2010 07:34:30 -0700

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[PLUG] SNMP Newbie Help

I'm trying to understand snmp, and I think my alzheimer's is acting up, and I 
can't make heads-or-tails of this stuff.  Can somebody give me a few examples 
of CLI access to snmp?

I've read the wikipedia entry on snmp, plus several of tutorials on the web, 
but unfortunately they seem to be written in another language, and I can't 
crack the surface.

Here's a simple thing I want to try:  I want to interrogate my cheap IOGear 
print server.  It's internal web page says that it has 2 snmp "communities", 
and each is setup as "Public" and "Read-Only".

I'd like to use a simple CLI command like snmpget or snmpwalk to itnerrogate 
the print server and see what data it holds.   I figure this would be a good 
intro to understanding the basic structure.

Could somebody post a simple snmpget command to see the data this device 


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