JP Vossen on 19 Apr 2010 12:27:09 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to manage your files among multiple PCs

 > Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:18:53 -0400
 > From: Randall A Sindlinger <>

> Unison is conceptually a 2-way rsync with smarts, and unlike Dropbox,
> does *not* use any 3rd party storage (may be a plus for some).


It is my understanding that Unison is no longer actively developed, but 
it is stable and I think they still do maint. and/or security fixes.  I 
use it so sync my work Windows machine in the rare cases when I have to 
travel.  The GUI is really ugly on Windows, but it works against ssh 
(using PuTTY) on a Linux box.

It is normally manual, as Walt pointed out, but there is a CLI version 
you can script too.  The problem there is that one of Unison's purposes 
to to let you figure out conflicts, and that is interactive so it won't 
work when running from cron.

My "solution" to the OP problem is to keep almost all data on my main 
file server, and use sshfs to map ~/MyDocs back to that server.  That 
can get scatters, because you can still end up with "local" docs, 
downloads, etc.  And it obviously only works when on-line.  That's not 
too much of a problem for me.  Anything important goes into ~/MyDocs 
someplace, so by definition if it's local I don't care that much.  And 
with a little planning ahead I can copy anything I need when I know I'll 
be offline, so...

Note to whoever talked about using sftp, look into sshfs instead.  SSHFS 
is a FUSE-based file-system that lets you mount a dir from a remote 
server, where the *only* requirement for the remote server is an SSHD! 
You need sshfs & fuse on your local client, but only sshd on the remote 
server.  Think about that for a sec.  Very cool.

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