Edmond Rodriguez on 10 Jun 2010 06:31:55 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Wine usb support (scanner)

I am reluctant to run Qemu as root as well, especially the way I was experimenting with it. 

I read a little more on Qemu and and saw the idea of recursively changing the permissions and/or ownership  of /proc/bus/usb , and not have to run it as root. 

1. Since only root can access to the USB devices directly, you can 
either launch QEMU as root or change the permissions of the USB devices 
you want to use. For testing, the following suffices: 
  chown -R myuid /proc/bus/usb

Here is the Wine link I saw on USB support.

My Qemu (0.9.1) seems to go on these long hiatuses sometimes still using  CPU time (with or without the USB switch).  Maybe an update will help. 

Thanks for the virtualbox suggestion. 

>I'd be reluctant to spawn that other OS as root. 
>If you want USB support and wine-like integration, try virtualbox in seamless mode. 
>>Art Alexion
>On Jun 9, 2010 8:11 PM, "Edmond Rodriguez" <erodrig_97@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>I guess qemu does have usb support (run with sudo or root).  I probably never got far enough to research it more, as I would have googled it some,  though I could try a newly installed disk image with qemu that might run for a month before it complains about licensing.
>>>>This also makes me think of another question.
>>>>If I were to run as root, and wanted /dev/hda to be read only for some application, could I do a hard or soft link to it  using say /dev/myHda, then set the permissions to read only (even for root) on /dev/myHda?  Then I would reference to /dev/myHda if I wanted it as read only?

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