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Re: [PLUG] Talk ideas

+1 for Git talk.

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Kyle R. Burton wrote:
Sorry -  I wasn't at that PLUG meeting.  Is this some kind of mini-
conference in the works?
No, but that's an awesome idea. What I was trying to do was submit ideas for talks I originally had on to PLUG as it's not perl-specific (written in perl, but the ideas could apply to any sufficiently flexible tool).

FYI, Barcamp 2010 is being organized and will probably take place some
time in November.  It was good last year (and free).

Also, CPOSC (Central PA Open Source Conference) is coming up in October (iirc).

Basically, my goal is for the local technical user groups to have more technical talks, and I'm willing to... put my mouth where my mouth is, as it were, in order to make that happen.

I'd be happy to do some talks if the group is interested.  I have done
some in the past, be more than happy to do them again for any (or all)
of the plug chapters, you can see the old ones on the plug website or

They are on: Fuzzy String Matching, Git and Lisp.  I've also got a few
more either mostly developed or in the idea phase that I'd love to get
some practice at:

* Leveraging Chef-Solo for Less than Enterprise Scale Deployments
* Drinking the Kool-Aid: Using Cucumber To Bridge Testing and Requirements
* Achieve Build Nirvana for your Clojure Projects with Leiningen

Most of these are developer / programmer focused b/c well, that's what
I primarily am.  I could do an emacs, or vim, workshop.  I've also
started a presentation about interviewing (from both sides) that I am
looking to develop further - this is less polished than any of the
above as I'm still figuring out content and flow and would be looking
for critical feedback from attendees:

I'd also be happy to work something else up if any of the group
members think I know something they'd like to hear a talk on :)


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