Richard Freeman on 14 Aug 2010 14:14:11 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] upheaval, Oracle / Google

On 08/14/2010 03:40 PM, Daniel Toliaferro wrote:
I've always hated Oracle.

As a stereotypical nerd I was supremely more shocked at
Oracle's acquisition of Sun than Disney's acquisition of Marvel.

Let's just say that I'm very worried about a bunch of open source
projects initially developed at Sun.

Well, that's why licensing matters.

As long as Google only started from GPL-licensed code, and they release their own code under the GPL, they're covered.

I'm sure that Oracle would be happy to work with Google to let app devs release non-GPL software for Android as long as they pay an appropriate license fee for the privilege. GPL app developers wouldn't need to pay a dime as Sun did license everything under the GPL already, so they can just link it all in.

Building an OS on IP that you didn't originally own without a license is bound to put you on shaky ground.

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