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Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?

The pithy ruminations from Chris Nehren <c.nehren/> on "Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?" were:

=> On Aug 26, 2010, at 11:18 AM, wrote:
=> > The pithy ruminations from Casey Bralla <> on "[PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?" were:
=> > 
=> > => Anybody know of a free inbound fax service?   I see there are tons of paid 
=> > => services, but I was hoping for a free service for inbound use only.  
=> > 
=> > I assume you're talking about an inbound fax=>email gateway.
=> > 
=> > I've been using eFax for about 6~8 years. [...]
=> Is the service you've been using? They hid it pretty well on their Web site. That said, it does look to satisfy Casey's requirement--and mine, should I ever need this. Thanks!

Yes, that's it.

=> > 
=> > I've got high hopes that google voice will begin to receive inbound faxes.
=> I would think outbound is far more useful to people. How many times have you needed to send a fax to a government or other organization stuck in the 1970s?

Yeah, I send faxes more frequently than I receive them....but it's easy to find a corner shop/copy center/office where I can send a fax[*], but I wouldn't necessarily want anything personal sent to me at those addresses.

Has anyone used the old "sendfax" service recently (yes, there is a TLD named ".int", and yes, the "tpc" stands for "The Phone Company"...and amazingly enough, they've got a Philadelphia connection). Chris' UK email address reminded me of "sendfax". When I was doing more stuff overseas, I had much more frequent need to send faxes...and found the free "sendfax" (email --> volunteer physically "local" to the fax destination, running gateway software that sends the email via a local fax call) service to be very helpful. I haven't used it in years.




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